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Alja chooses the wayAlja chooses the way

I thought I would write a little

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a long time. Suddenly today was the day. I guess you get to a certain age and you want to share something about how you see the world, what has happened to you, what you are feeling and the internet makes all that possible. We’ll see what happens.

The photo in the background of the page is of the wonderful woods near our house. It is one of theĀ great gifts of living where we do – in a small village outside of Frankfurt, Germany – this nearness to nature. You walk out the door and the woods starts 50 feet away. It is commercially forested but they avoid clear cutting and so you hardly notice when they cut trees down. Just the sound of sawing in the woods. We heat our house with wood nearly exclusively. It makes a warm, wonderful heat that I miss when we rely on the gas heater that backs up the wood burning stove. So far my husband cuts the wood himself. At the moment, there is so much wood in our yard, it looks like we have a business selling it!

The photo attached to this post is of our dog, the “wild noodle”, Alja (pronounced A-lee-a). She loves walking in the woods even more than I do. She is a Hungarian sheepdog. Actually, she is a herd protection dog, which means she is always looking for danger and it also means that she is very territorial. To her, her territory extends as far as the eye can see. Makes me feel safe in the house but doesn’t make us well loved in the neighborhood. She is, however, amazingly sweet and still like a puppy in many ways. It is a joy having her in our lives.

Now that IĀ  am sitting here and want to write, I can’t think of all the things I have thought about before. Well, you got to start somewhere. And that was today.

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