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grapefruitA wonderful, juicy pink!


Many people don’t focus enough on execution. If you make a commitment to get something done, you need to follow through on that commitment. Kenneth Chenault

Sundays are my favorite day of the week at the moment. It is the only day we allow ourselves to sleep in if the schedule allows. We sit long over a big breakfast and read the paper. One of the special things at breakfast this winter has been each of us having a half of a fresh grapefruit. Delicious!

I realized a couple of Sundays ago that eating grapefruit is one of the few things where I have to be totally focused on what I am doing. Most of the time while eating, I am looking at me phone, playing a game, reading the paper but not while eating a grapefruit. I have tried to be multitasking. Disaster! You have to look while you are cutting those slices – I like to cut on both sides of the membrane so that the fruit mostly slides out with the spoon – and also while you are eating so as to get every morsel of that fresh goodness. This effort made me stop eating grapefruit for a long time. Way too much bother.

Then we got introduced to pomelos, a cross between different kinds of grapefruit that you let ripen on the counter for weeks because it is easier to peel then. The fresh taste of pomelo is like a grapefruit but milder. That made me long for “real” grapefruit and so we got into the habit of buying it especially because it is available longer than pomelo. Actually, you see grapefruit almost all year long but they don’t taste good much after April. I will have to see where they come from in the winter months. Nowadays with the global market, they could come from India. Who knows.

When I was young, I think grapefruit wasn’t so popular or more expensive or something because the “Betty Crocker Cookbook” I have from the early 70s has as a “dessert” recipe grapefruit with brown sugar broiled on top and a cherry placed in the middle. I remember at the time thinking that was a wild thing to do. Now, although I am a GIANT sugar fan, the recipe seems like overkill in a big way and not my idea of dessert. But doesn’t that mean that grapefruit wasn’t so available back then? Or expensive or something?

Also, grapefruit knives used to be part of a normal knife set. I remember buying a knife set as part of my “hope chest” – another thing that has gone the way of the dinosaurs – and it had several serrated knives where the tip was slightly curved so as to be able to slice better. At some point I threw them away, no use for them. But there is still one of the serrated “steak” knives left and that is what we use for our grapefruits now. Got to be serrated. That fruit is tough!

There used to be “grapefruit spoons” with serrated tips. Do they make those anymore? Now with all of the juicers and stuff probably people don’t bother cutting it by hand. But there is something meditative about staring at a grapefruit and slowly cutting the slices.

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